All footage captured and published on the Facebook page, YouTube and the Site are copyrighted and belong to their author. Using them for commercial purposes, without the consent of the author, is a violation of the law. If you wish to use the footage for commercial purposes, this should be discussed with the author. By choosing you as your photographer, you give your consent for the captured footage to be used for the purpose of promoting
the Nikolov Studio brand and the services it offers.The footage will be used on the following platforms:

Facebook page :

YouTube channel :

Photography site :

A photograph of a natural person from which he can be identified in a direct and immediate way constitutes personal data, both in the sense of the GDPR (Personal Data Protection Act) and in the sense of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation ).
By participating in a photo or video shoot carried out by Nikolov Studio, you agree to be photographed (including as a parent or guardian of your children, you consent to them being photographed), and that the footage from the photo shoot is used in the indicated platforms, with in order to promote Nikolov Studio. By taking a photo or video, you declare your informed consent and state that you are familiar with the general conditions and requirements.

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